The popular DG Student Design Competition is back for 2016

For many years we have run a (graphic) design competition for tertiary students, and in recent years have opened it up to secondary school students in a separate division. The competition is to design the cover of an imaginary issue of DG magazine with a particular theme. There are many benefits to focus on specific aspects of designing a magazine cover: it's a 'real world' project, the design has to create a cover with shelf appeal, it's an ideal project to test practical knowledge for a print environment (such a image resolution for printing), there is much to learn about the use of space, the project can take students out of their comfort zone, and as their peers are doing the same project, there's a chance to compare the results.

The competition was not run in 2015 but is on again for 2016.

The deadline for entries is Monday 3 October 2016.

Download the 2016 Call for Entries here; includes the entry form that must be attached to the back of each entry.

Templates are provided

We supply templates for Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop which can be downloaded here.

2014 Results available as PDF booklet: great source of inspiration

The results of the 2014 DG Student Design Competition have been compiled into a handy 76pp PDF booklet. In addition to the place-getters and commendations, there is a gallery of selected entries grouped by the designers they chose to feature. As such it becomes an inspirational source book that is a great starting off point for those new to magazine cover design.

Download your free copy (9.9Mb) here.