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Macleay College

Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC

Designed by advertising and digital media industry professionals, Macleay College offers leading contemporary and industry focused advertising and digital media courses. Macleay’s courses combine up-to-date knowledge with employment relevant skills. Taught by highly regarded industry professionals, students learn in real world situations with industry projects.

Our courses feature internship programs for students to gain valuable, real-world work experience and build their professional networks.

With the rapid development of new digital technologies, the expansion of media platforms and the increasingly sophisticated world of digital communications there are exciting new job opportunities for digital media professionals. Macleay students learn to develop and execute creative solutions for strategic communications for products, brands and organisations, such as social media advertising campaigns, branded content videos, or interactive online marketing activities.

Macleay College’s Digital Media courses have been designed by highly regarded industry professionals in order to ensure graduates are highly employable and at the cutting edge of the rapidly developing digital media industry.

Macleay College offers 1-year Diplomas and 2-year Bachelor Degrees in Advertising and Digital Media.

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