The ADERG project is divided into two parts:

1 - the annual BOOK, the Art & Design Education Resource Guide (ADERG). The book is central to the project. It is by far the best medium to contain and provide access to such a large amount of information in one place. It comprises three sections:

• Graduate Showcase - a collection of graduate work grouped by institution. The institutions are divided into Universities, TAFE Colleges and Private Colleges. Most secondary school students are unaware of the depth and breadth of the range of creative arts courses offered at tertiary institutions. The Graduate Showcase can be a real eye-opener.

° Find-a-Course - Course information grouped by subject.

• Directory - details of all universities and colleges that offer courses in Creative Arts.


The Find-a-Course section of the book forms the basis of ADERG Online. The landing page has subject tiles which, when clicked, take you to subject group screens where you can explore which institutions offer that particular subject. The subject pages have lists of courses which are linked to the institution websites.


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ADERG news can be posted in the blog . We'll send out alerts through the newsletter.


We welcome feedback on the publication in both print and online forms; please send updates, corrections and additions.


As you may remember, we have conducted two surveys of Career Advisers and Teachers. In both cases it was clear that the book format continues to be very popular, and the first choice of many, The most common comment is that ADERG has the information "all in one place". No amount of web browsing can claim that.


The following links to PDF booklets open in new windows.

2014 ADERG Survey of Career Advisers and teachers

2013 ADERG Survey of Career Advisers and teachers

We are always keen to hear what Career Advisers and Teachers think of ADERG and make a point of passing favourable comments on to our colleagues at the universities and colleges. ADERG can only continue as long you like what we do, and as long as universities and colleges want to participate.