Graphic Design

North Metropolitan TAFE

Perth, WA

North Metropolitan TAFE has been training world-class graphic designers for decades and has a reputation and history spanning over one hundred years. Courses concentrate on the practical nature of design and are studio- and Maclab-based to replicate the design workplace, which develops a collaborative and a team-based learning environment. Graphic designers research, meet with clients, present concepts and take into account how to run a freelance business in terms of legalities, invoicing and networking. NMTAFE works closely with industry stakeholders in Perth and abroad, including both small and large agencies. The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) has input into course content and development.  

The Cert IV course can be seen as a ‘foundation year’, which will expose you to the broad umbrella of graphic design and is designed to articulate into the engaging Diploma course, which in turn prepares you for the highly regarded Advanced Diploma.

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